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Art Collection

Featuring the Works of Local and National Artists

The Umstead Hotel and Spa's private collection is carefully curated and features the works of renowned local and national artists, including famed glass artist Dale Chihuly.

art gallery

The Collection

A dedicated art gallery, which changes seasonally, allows The Umstead to rotate new artists' work into the hotel to complement the permanent collection. The pieces featured in the collection are modern and minimalist, adding to the contemporary, clean design of the hotel.

Guests are invited to take self-guided tours of the hotel's collection with the guidance of an art brochure that’s available at the concierge desk.

For upcoming art gallery openings, please visit our event calendar.

Welcome to my Garden

Artwork by Susan Brabeau

A description of the gallery art work by Susan Brabeau:

"In March of 2019, I decided to embark on a new journey with my oil paintings, detouring from a career as a portrait painter and “Magic Realist” artist.  My creative pivot was an immersion into the extensive gardens on my farm to paint flowers and vegetable plants.  I use a special combination of oil paints and iridescent enamels, so the paintings glow even in normal light.

Part of my process has been to take photos at night with a special head lamp and flashlight. During these explorations, I come across all kinds of interesting insects and amphibians, lurking in the dark, nocturnal dwellers of this enchanted kingdom.  I backlight most of my night photos so that the colors pop in my paintings.

I hope you enjoy these purely magical portraits of the diversity of life in my garden."

*This show will run from December 2nd to March 2022, and The Gallery artwork is available for purchase through the Umstead Gift Shop*

**Please contact the Gift Shop for further information or 919-447-4065**

chihuly close up




Exquisite Creatures

The Umstead Hotel and Spa is proud to partner with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in promotion of their newest exhibit "Exquisite Creatures - The Art of Christopher Marley". To celebrate,  we will be offering a selection of Christopher's highly popular butterfly and beetle displays for purchase in our Gallery and Gift Shop, as well as an overnight room package which will include complimentary tickets to the exhibition for up to 2 adults and 2 children per room. Contact our Reservations Department at 919-447-4050 to confirm your package today!

Exquisite Creatures is a dialogue with art, nature and science. What is it about the natural world that calls to us? Is it the color of the macaw’s feathers? The vibrant sheen of the beetle’s carapace? Is it the overwhelming diversity of life, or the repetitive patterns that nature has conjured?

Using organisms and elements as his medium, artist Christopher Marley explores our need to connect with the natural world on a personal level, inspiring biophilia — a love of life. Immerse yourself in a world where order, diversity, symmetry, and balance come to life in vibrant, awe-inspiring displays.

All vertebrates used in this artwork are reclaimed, meaning they passed of natural or incidental causes, most often in captivity. None were killed for this purpose.